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Related post: Date: Wed, 23 Dec 2009 14:47:08 -0700 From: Subject: Red 18Red by: dnrock( 18: Science, Adventure and Family After our evening meal the grandmothers supervised the young girl play and looked custom preteen model after the younger ones, so their mothers could be part of the discussion. Sheila was the youngest female. I wondered why some of the older sisters weren't being included. I was told they were not interested. I think Jytte and some of the Adonis ladies were there because preteen model webeweb their men were, not out of a real interest. I'm not sure preteen nudism collection why Sheila was, I'd like to think it was the combination.Professor Sepp asked everyone to be gracious and polite to the government officials but not to comment on the science or politics of the situation. It was Ok to express feelings about the art and the setting or about how much you like preteens pussy pictures or don't, `working with me and learning first hand,' but that was all. Thanos reviewed briefly the kinds of permits and permissions that were in hand and would be needed in the future. Dem spoke about his concerns relating to privacy. preteen boys link Spiros' parents talked about "potters" and antiquities pirates. Elias outlined his security policy, saying, `our home and the shrine are as safe as our residents'. The look on Yannie's mother's face was shear horror. `Yes Phaedra, antiquities theft or defilement is just another form of terrorism.' Thanos spoke next, he asked that everyone here take the greatest of care, never to reveal the real location of the shrine, i.e. that it exists on Paidi Nisi.Stavors, Stan Adonis and one of the grad students, outlined the plan and timing for future work, including a marine survey. Sepp was hoping to get a copy of the shrine built on a more tourist accessible island, not to close by either. Dad said his firm would provided all the engineering services needed, saying preteen image nn "it's really not much different than building a stone bridge." Jason Adonis added that his family trust, along with the Papas and Koronios families, would preteen gallery pedo fund the creation of two copies of the statue, one for the museum in Athens and one for the "new" preteens nn xxx shrine. The sculptures would work from Photois' photographs, digital and film, Kos' paintings and Sepp's surveying measurements. Now I know why Thanos and Dem invited everyone for this weekend. They were mustering economic and political help for their protection plan. It young preteen hard was a risk but a brilliant one. Everyone is a winner, but most importantly, the shrine is preserved in tact, just as its' creators and later caretakers obviously worked so hard and long, had hoped.Kos told Sheila, Ed and I, "the exact reasons for the shrine's existence or even its preteen gay 9 name, is lost in the mist of time. That does not matter, each visitor or viewer can bring his or her own interpretation to it. Like my paintings, the emotional connection each viewer makes to the work is unique, valid and of equal value. The artists, commissioners and care givers intentions died with them. Art that glorifies humanity, lives on forever. Ok maybe not forever but for as 9yo preteen pussy long as people can look upon it.Sheila later told me, she thought the preteen girl pthc statue somehow signified the special bond between men and boys. She top preteen thongs thought their was a special bond between girls and busty preteen women too and that bond was connected to child bearing, for which many icons existed.Later we were alone with Ed. A situation that didn't occur all that often, with so many people in such a small place, but we were. Ed took each of us under his arms. "I do hope you two are being extra careful, I think I'm just a bit young to be a great grand father." preteens sex nude Sheila just turned bright red, I guess I did too but I managed to reply. "Yes sir, we do preteen fucking photo too."That night when we were alone Sheila expressed her concerns. I just told her, grandfather Koronios' story about their sons."You know we will have to tell our parents some day.""Yes we will but not until we are both over the age of consent. But what if they find out?""Two possibilities as I see it. One, you and I will be asked to call them mom and dad instead of Mr. and Mrs. Two, they will try to keep us apart. My parents will go for one, I'm sure about topless preteens models that and then give us the safe sex lecture again. We know what grandfather Carter thinks. clitoris picture preteen Your parents, I'm not sure of yet, I suspect they will reluctantly go along.""How do you know about your parents?""Mom and dad are real smart and very observant. If Ed figured it out they must have too, or will soon enough.""On Monday morning, we boys were all dressing in our fancy dress uniforms again. Anglos, preteens sucking cock the Aphrodite's First Mate was playing the role of Harbor Master. We and the Security staff, were providing an Honor Guard for the visitors. Anyway, everyone was naked and sporting their morning erections, when the chip jar came around, I pulled Bjorn's so my chip was taken out and Bjorn verry young preteens and I would be a pair. I like him, he is so cute and so nice and polite. Since I can't sign in DSL or ASL, we would need other communication techniques, like lips, tongues and hands. Man was that something. I went to work on him first. We were positioned, off to one side near the large mirrors and I could see us reflected in all of them. Man was that a sight too. My red hair and his creamy white skin. He has a very pronounced tan line. preteen girld modeling Anyway I dropped preteen toon free to my knees and began deep throating his 5" of erection, letting my hands play along the back of his legs and over his cute round butt cheeks. He knew exactly what to do and began fucking my face but letting me control his motions with my hands. I kind of liked looking at us. I knew he could see all the other boys, some on the beds and some like us, standing and kneeling.When it was my turn, he kissed his way down to my crotch and began taking me in, I was not sure asian underage preteens at first but his hand signals were even better then mine. I was impressed with nu pre teen my image in the the mirror. Since my legs are thin, my naked preteen pic round little bubble butt makes quite a pronounced projection, from the vertical plane. As he pulled me into his mouth I could see how sexy we were. I think those professional porn boys, on the internet, better look out. God I sure love these boys. I love them all: Max, Seb, David and Bjorn and crazy young preteens not just because we are all about the same age. I love them because they are japanese preteen pantyhoses all so sincere and considerate of each other. And because none of us can keep our hands off the others.After breakfast we assembled on the dock to greet paradise forum preteen the visitors, who were arriving on a float plane. It is a little floating platform with stairs up to the dock proper. We were all lined up on the dock to form an honor guard. Everyone else was on the patio. Anglos tied the floats to the dock and helped the visitors down to it. Two women and two men got out, followed by the pilot and copilot. As they came up the stairs we all saluted and Stavors and Yannie offered their arm to the ladies, while Kon and preteens child pussy Iason walked next to the men. Photois was busy taking pictures as usual. Several guardians appeared to help the pilots and show them around. Max, Seb, Bjorin, Spiros, Kos and I natural preteen pic fell in behind the leaders.We went along the dock and up the steps to the patio where Dem and Thanos were greeting the visitors and making introductions to everyone else. Coffee and snacks were served and everyone seamed to talk at once. After snacks, the visitors, mom, Spiros' parents, Jason Adonis, the geology tutor Dr. Kemp, history tutor, Dr. Albrech went into the big hentai preteen video formal dining room, which had been turned into a conference center.The graduate students had placed large maps and huge photographs all around. In addition, Photois and Yannie had a short video, to show on one of the huge plasma screens, that hung on the wall. Yannie was appointed official secretary. He did take notes but also had a tape recorder, with multiple microphones to record stuff. All of us including the Adonis brothers were seated, off to the side and along the walls.Thanos called the meeting to order and thanked the guests for attending. He had all the people at the table introduce themselves and state their area of expertise and affiliation. He asked underage 12 preteen the lanugage tutor to sit between mom and Sepp bed preteen wetting so he could translate for them. The language would be Greek and if anyone didn't understand something, he should interrupt and ask. The university person knew Spiros' parents and the history tutor already and mom by reputation. The museum people knew Sepp and Antiquities didn't know anyone, except the museum people, before. Of course everyone knew Yannie's step father but he was not taking part in the discussions. Most of the mothers and the grandmothers were outside with the younger children.Sepp showed his slides, documenting the site before, during and up to today. The graduate students outlined their research work and results to date. Yannie showed his film of the "uncovering" and his slides of the statue and partly exposed columns. Dr. Kemp talked about dating and geology and each academic had his or her say, about what it meant and placing it in historical context. We broke for lunch and us boys were asked to shade our uniforms for work clothing. We all went to the site, the guests and old people on quads or in preteenmodel videos preteen forbidden child wagens, drawn by quads and us boys and younger ladies on bicycles.The afternoon discussions were intense. The museum people wanted the statue moved to Athens. Thanos sweet joy preteen and Dem were admit, that would not happen. Absolutely out of the question. The university wanted its people working with Sepp. Spirodon was not opposed but Sepp was the lead archeologists on the project and they would need to pass his preteen hard cock academic and professional standards, be cleared by the islands', Papas Shipping and "national" security checks and be prepared to keep the location a complete secret, for all time. In addition, they would need their own funding. The Antiquities people were concerned about preteen video clip security and theft of national treasures. Elias reminded them that the last time the island was invaded, in an attempt to kidnap one of our residents, those that remained alive were now in jail. He also went on to tell them, their aircraft had been followed and it was only thought the efforts of the Hellanic Air force and Coast Guard, those followers were cut off north west of Naxos, preserving the confidentiality of their destination. They could check his claims when they got back to Athens. Apparently the antiquities pirates are better informed than any of them thought. Now you topless preteen photographs know why the site is covered by some very cleaver camouflage.Stavors presented the plan for further work, including the marine survey and Jason Adonis spoke about the statue copies being made and the idea of a duplicate shrine, on some other, more accessible island of Antiquities' choice. Us boys were hard pressed to sit still and keep out comments to ourselves. I think most of the others were too, but everyone played their parts well. The institutions like the idea of not having to contribute to the cost of this. Mr. Koronios said, Olympic Air would fund the placement of the statue copy in the museum. (Olympic is owned by the people of Greece anyway.)Dad waded into the discussion, by pointing out that Greek ship builders have recently built the replica of a 3500 year old Minion ship, that sailed in the Aegean Sea. He also pointed out that a replica of the Argo was on trial right now, near Volos. The ship was built with Bronze Age tools, to the specifications of a Mycenaean ear vessel of 28.5 m. So the idea of a recreation of the sanctuary, was in fact, quite consistent and evidently, politically acceptable.Let me tell you, I was impressed and wanted to cheer but I didn't, I could see Kos was proud too. We were not only proud of dad but mom too. They both made a contribution and not because I am a patient of Dem's but because they thought it worthy to do so.What our boys did not know, nor anyone else, was the pilots of the government's Twin Ottar float plane were asked to fly south and then turn north west and come over the island of Naxos just in case anyone was still watching, for the return flight. Army intelligence had already altered the original flight plan to show a destination southeast of Naxos. Obviously the officials, Antiquities and Museum at least, were being watched. Also what Russ could not have known, because he was just a bit to wrapped up in Sheila and himself, was the effect that his mom and Spiros's mom had on the younger girls. They see these ladies and others like Eva Adonis in professional roles, something that would be open to them if they chose. Their families were wealthy, fuck preteen pussies all they needed was motivation. Jytte, Sandra and Sheila already knew that lesson.After another gourmet meal and lots of interesting conversation, the visitors departed. In the morning the Aphrodite would sail to Athens with the family and mom, dad, Ed, Sheila. The Adonis clan would fly back to the Netherlands and North America. I was not looking forward to saying good by to Sheila, even if it was only for a couple of weeks. Dem had talked my parents into letting Kos and I stay on for another week. He told them we were needed, mostly Kos, I think. I guess he filled them in on my test results and outlined his indi preteen models treatment plan. petite nude preteen Simon was to fill me in on the details when I got home. He whispered to me, "one part was a constant supply of high grade male sperm". He would explain later.Sheila and I had one last night on the little sail boat. I was getting accustomed to sleeping with her, well the sex too. We made underaged preteen nudes the most of it. I think she woke me up three times for sex. I know we ls land preteens both had a hard young preteenporn galleries time getting up in the morning. I'm sure it was three times, I counted four used condoms.We all put our uniforms on again and saw the Adonis clan off at the air strip. A little while later we all boarded the Aphrodite and headed for Athens. I spent my time with Sheila and my parents and Judge Carter too. Kos was around but he seamed to be engaged in some navigational problem with the older boys. I had mastered all that math on my first Aphrodite trip. In fact, I was almost as fast as Angelo's computer, once they showed me the equations. Sheila and I wanted to play kiss face but it would not be polite, so we didn't. Bjorn was holding court on the deck outside the lounge, telling jokes to the boys. I noticed every once in a while Jytte would turn red, so they must have been quite risqué. Apparently Photois had abandon her for his camera. Grand father Koronios informed us, pre teeny nudes he had arranged for Sheila and Ed to fly from Athens to Amsterdam and meet up with the Adonis aircraft for Chicago. Mom and dad would fly direct to London.When we arrived in Athens everyone departed in long black limos and Sheila and I said a bitter sweet good by, on the dock, like in some 1940's war movie. Ok it was not misty or dark but I did have a uniform on. While we were saying good by to everyone and their were a lot of them, I could see a whole host of diving equipment, including some remote camera sleds, were being loaded on the Aphrodite. Yes!I know Kos is as interested in learning how to dive as I am and since we are both first class swimmers... On the way home, back to the island, Stavors told us how we were all going to assist in the marine archeological survey. Man is this exciting. Anglos would fuck my preteen qualify Kos and I, that afternoon.The little underwater sled had instruments: sensitive magnetometers and high res video cameras with powerful lights. One of the boys preteenporn cursers would pull it slowly over a tight grid, guided by differential GPS for exact positioning and computers to keep it on course. As soon as the grad students saw anything, they would drop preteens wild a weighted float and teams of divers would go down to investigate. The teams were one man and three boys, a forth boy would keep station in a smaller craft, over the dive locations. This is in water no greater then 10 m deep. For deeper water, the dive teams would be two of the former navy divers, from the guardians and security service. If anything interesting was discovered, the grad students would go down and assess the potential.The work would start in the little bay, over by the shrine. While Kos and I were being qualified, the others set up all the equipment. The survey was to start in the morning. Even Thanos, Dem and the nurses, wanted in on this. The Aphrodite would anchor just off shore and be our supply host. Kos was armed with underwater cameras, preteen model nues just like Photois. They had both still and video units with them. Sure we all had cameras but Kos and Photois, at preteens pussy fotos least know what they are doing with them. My team was mostly involved with navigation and station marking. We preteen baby incest would guide the sled under water like a video game, with a joy stick and a few other controls. After we dropped a few markers we would turn it over to another team and dive to investigate our markers. I was diving with Paul, Iason and Elias. Paul and Elias are powerful swimmers as well as powerful, athletic men.Most of what we found the first few days were natural things, rocks or corals, sponges and stuff like that. On the second day one of the other teams found what looked like a preteen nute litlle trail of square stones, not unlike the "ballast rocks" we picked out of the pool. Along with them or close buy, one of the graduate students found some "pot chards". These were pieces of broken Amporas. My team was called down to lay our a detailed survey grid. It was made out of yellow polypropylene ropes making squares of 1 m. Each intersection was held in place but a cleaver little weight, that had a plastic, snap ring, clamp device that would prevent beauty preteen the intersecting ropes from slipping past each other.Each square was given little sign with a number on it and photographed. Then the archeological teams began sifting through the sediment, with great care placing stuff in a basked, which was hauled up to the surface for examination. Any non archeological stuff was sent back to its square in the basket and replaced.(Russ is assuming you know what these Amphora "Pot Chards" look like and were used for. See these sites if you don't: pices of different vessles were ever found. Some were handle parts and those handles often had the makers hallmark or name on them. That did not mean they could be traced or enough of any one pot was recovered to even suggest what it may have contained. From the clay used, most of the pot chards were thought to be Minoen but the lack of decroation on the surfaces and the handles, offered no clue young preteen galeries except to suggest these were probably ordinary food stuffs and little more.Everyone had hoped a ship wreck would be found that would shead light on just who the visitros and builders were. To date nothing has. If any ships were ever wrecked in these waters they must had caried only materials that did not survive in the shallow, well oxiginated waters. The only metels recovered, were from post industrial reveloution sources and these were things probalby dropped or lost by passing fishing or spunge boats. The boys chose to believe that the gods had been looking favorably on the site, that is the reason why no clear evidence was ever found.The Archilogists henti preteens chose to believe their data, which suggested the site builders and keepers were maticelous in making sure nothing identifable, was ever left behind. It is possible few people ever stayed here, preteen russian angles except for short periods of time. The middens had yealded only evidence of the foods eaten and approximate numbers. Fish bones and sea food shells, olive and date pits and seeds from common food plants, such as figs, pollin from native trees and grasses, grains and legumes, such as barley and lentles, bones of domestic animals like lamb, goat, birds and so on. Little wood was ever on the island and few hearths were ever operated. They were small and obviously used intermittenly. No evidence of ovens or making bread was found.It was suggested, much of the cooking that took place must have been along the shore line and been eraced by time nudist preteens preview and waves. Drift wood was probably the main fuel source, supplimented by what little the visiting vessles would have brought. Since modern currents bring little to the shores of Paidi Nisi, ancient currents probably didn't bring much either.Along the shore, nude preteen angel in the sand and sand doons, fishing floats, bottles, line and net part, driftwood and other debree are found, all much to modern. The science boys concluded, the preabandment people utlized or took away anything that did happen to float ashore.In and around the foundations of preteens nude websites the outbuildings, a few things such as, pot chards, broken buckles, clasps, knife blades and the like were located, these were all from the immediate per abandment and post CE times. preteen russion models All that could be learned was these people were Greeks. In looking at some of the other small uninhabited islands, in the area, the science people learned that much more stuff, like driftwood was common on their shores, which supports the utlization hypothesis.The lack of any writing or symbols to identify the post or per CE care takers and builders reamins a puzzle. If the post CE structures were a true monistary 13 year preteen some symbology should have been found. Since no graves were ever found and the time lines indicated almost 4500 years sexy preteen pic of occupaton, if you can call it that, photo preteens some visitros or residnece must have parished. Given the customs of the time perhaps the dead were carried awayI was thrilled to be diving and helping the older boys and the scientists. It was a real learning experience to say the least. Since our mystory had so few clues, it seamed that everyone had a different or slightly different idea about preteen models pass it. Professor Albrecth had to admit that all hyothesies were equally valid. Grandfather Papis had confirmed that no artifacts of note were found when the main house, out buildings and docks were built. We did find some metal and wood objects around the harbor but they were all videos preteen free quite modern, most preteen nudes cuties no older than 1900±. The present harbor is the best anchorage preteens gay pics to be found on Pside Nisi or any other the surounding uninhabited islands.After several days, the novelty kind of wore off and us younger boys all found more fun things to occupie our afternoons, like preteens picture nude sailing and swimming. The most exciting part for me was miss preteen gallery my opportunity to sleep with Thanos and Dem. I had shared a bed and sex with Kos and Eric on more than one occasion and with many other combinations on the island, this was different and well, just thrilling. Dem started off by giving me another examination and telling me about my medication which was mostly vitimans and protene suppliments and a few hurbes. nudist teen preteen He told me that I should try and take at least one load of male spunk up my ass a day, if possible. He indicated that male film preteen sex ejaculate not only had spirm and mucis but also low concnetrations of male hormones, that would assist the suppliments. The danger was my puberty would shut down before I was finished growing. The male body also make estrogens and females make some testrone, if the two came into balance, my puberty would masturbate preteen finish and may not get restarted, without a big artificical Testrone push. The objective of his treatment was to keep the testrone levels, just high enough to keep things like growth going, until I had reached my natural genetic height.That it was the overbalance of male hormomes, testrone being one and probably the most important one, that encouraged growth and when the balance is petitte preteen pics reached the estrogene would cause the bones to harden off, stopping growth. He figured from my genetic profile and the family informatin provided by Simon, I should reach about 2 meters by sexy nn preteen 16 or 17. All we needed to do was keep the paturity pumping out human growth factor until then. I asked why not just give me the growth factor now? He told me the body can only grow so fast and it just takes time for things to happen.I liked the idea of needing ejaculate up my ass on a regular basis preteen art pics and I told him so. Dem laughed a bit. He told me this was a bit of a contervisal therpy and not to talk about it to anyone other than Simon.The data related to this idea is very slim and very hard to get at in any ethical way. Since the concentrations are preteen nonnudes so low in ejaculate and the levels in the blood a natural, if preteens anal small vairance, can not be proven. Dem thought it more likely to preteen nudist galleries be plusebo effect, if anyting and more physicological than physical.Dem then gave me one of his therpuic massages using some lovely scented oils and his strong hands. He told me that I should have as many ejaculations a day as I felt comfortable having and proceeded to use his educated tongue and lips on my rock hard penis, taking my load in his throat. God, was I in boy relaxation heaven after that. I felt so good and so at ease with the world, I didn't even want to get off the table. Ok, the mention of food got me going. On the way to dinner, he reminded me I was to be his and Thano's guest for the evening. I know all the boys looked forward to their time with the dads. I figured they must make the experience very special.That evening I presented myself at their bedroom door and was immedatly welcomed. Dem and Thanos share a very large room with a virtual preteen seduce huge bed, some charis and a small table, a large desk, book shelves, entertainment center and several doors leading off. I assumed these were closets and a bathroom. On the walls were preteen cgiworld dreamwiz some of the most erotic photographs I had ever seen. Most were taken by Photois. They were large black and whites, mostly of the brothers, almost all naked. The lighting russian tgp preteen tended to be dramatic and the modles in provocative but not pornograhic poses.Thanos met me at the door. mpeg pre teen He was striped down to his white thong and looked very sexy too. Both men are well built, athletic and fit, with broad shoulders and that classic male, triangular structure. Their legs are both well shaped preteen pic samples like dancers. They are dark haired with a fair amount of chest hair. Thanos is just a little taller then Dem and perhaps a few kilograms heavier. They both had curley hair and well tanned, almost swathy complections. They both have promenent tan lines, just slightly larger then the thongs each was now atired in. Dem was seated preteen family naked on the little sofa by the large windows with his legs spread slighty apart. You could see he was as well endowed as Thanos, who was most impressive. His half hard penis strained against the white material of the thong, making it semi-transparent.Thanos greeted me warmly and placing his left arm around my shoulders guided me to the sofa. I was only dressed in my very brief and very tight athletic shorts. I was just a bit nervice but Thanos' touch and soft words were relaxing."We are very honored funlumpkins preteen sample Russell, that you have accepted our invitation," he said."Come and sit by me," Dem added.I sat down next to Dem and Thanos sat next to me. We began talking about general stuff. They gave me a cup of tea. I was not getting very much relaxed. I don't know preteens modelig panties why I was nervice but I had been. It is not like I didn't know them. I had even shared sex with both of them before, one at a time.After I finished my second cup of tea, our hands seamed to find each others bodies and one thing lead to another. Before long I was standing on a low little stool and my shorts daddys preteen incest were being removed, under age preteen while lips and tonges covered my entire body. Some how their thongs had been diacarded too and I was kissing and licking them, which ever one is in front of me. By the time we moved to the bed all three of us had monster erections. Both Thanos and Dem have shaved scrotums and neatly trimmed pubic hair. I also noticed their butts and clefts were also shaved or waxed or something, anyway they were hairless except for the small patch of trimmed pubic hair just over their erections.As I lay between them, Thanos on my left and Dem on my right, I was being lifted to some new height of passion. They were both paying full attention to me and my body. I was trying to recipricate but it was almost impossible when both men began kissing me from my eye brows to my toes. I know I was giggling a lot when they both kissed my neck and my feet preteen models princess and when they began on my butt I just about lost it.And that was only the beginning. Soon I was on my knees with Dem's penis in my mouth and Thano's in my ass. I was getting it from both ends and man was that great. Their hands were busy navigating as much surface area of my body as possible and every sensation seamed to be enhanced or hightened. They seamed to be in complete unison, Dem's cock sliding in and out of my throat and Thanos driving my prostrate wild.I don't know how they knew when I was about to unload but they seamed to. Thanos stopped his thrusting letting his huge cock sit in my ass with my sphicntor pulsing around its base. Dem pulled out and turned around sliding under me in a 69, he engulfed my panis and I knew right what to do. tiny hot preteen I engulfed his hard cock again. In almost nothing flat Thanos started hitting my porstrate again and this time I couldn't hold back. I ejaculated and so did both of them. After a refractory and bathroom brake they reversed positions but this time I was on my side. I now knew why the boys considered their time with the dads as special. I sure hope Kos gets a trun with them before we leave for home. These men loved model preteen fantasy their sons all of them. They loved Kos and me too and probably Bjorn. Sex with them was so special because it was not about them but about real sluty preteens you. It was about bonding and sharing and my pleasure. It was obvious they loved each other and when you spent privet time with them you too shred in that love. They shared it with you and I knew they would gladly take me into their family. In fact we three already were part of the family. We had been takin in by them and we took them in as well. It was unoffical but still very real. Their would always be a place for us on Paidi Nisi and for them, each and every one of them, in our hearts.This was just one super great summer. preteens models bikini The best I have ever had, that is for sure. I sure had no idea how much and what I had been missing out on with those people for parents. Sure not very many boys got to do preteens bbs streaming all this neat stuff, even ones richer than us or the Papases. I doubt that many boys 12 get anything like the sex I do either. To bad for them. It is not sex that I am talking about. I felt a little sorry for Kos not having Nadine here, since I had Shelia for a few days anyway. He was quite phisolophical about it and didn't lack in quanity or quality, just no females.........................................[Authors note: I don't make everything up, for example, from a September 18, 2006 news release: "Volos - A replica of Argo, a mythical Greek ship believed to have sailed 3,000 model preteens daddy years ago on a heroic gallery preteensex images quest from Greece to modern-day Georgia, set sail on Sunday from preteen ukranian models the central Greek port of Volos on a trial run.Built with Bronze Age tools to the specifications of a Mycenaean-era vessel, the 28.5m wooden ship sailed into the waters of Pagasitikos Bay - the legendary expedition's original starting point - after a four-year construction project.According to Greek legend, the expedition headed by preteen pussy latino Jason and featuring 50 other heroes - including Hercules and Peleus - sailed to the Black Sea kingdom of Colchis in a mission to retrieve the Golden Fleece, the skin of a divine ram.Equipped with a ram of its own, the 14th century BC ship was of similar design to the vessels that later carried the Greek armies of the young preteen paysites Trojan War described in Homer's Iliad, the organisers said....Sapa-AFP"]
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